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Wee Lassie

Quiet, serene, solo paddling in those hard to get to places is where the Wee Lassie excels. This canoe is a modified version of an old Henry Rushton design, which is configured with a low seat and paddled with a double bladed paddle. It also can be paddled in the kneeling position as a free style canoe. The short length and narrow slight V-bottom hull makes this an ideal canoe for shallow, twisty streams and rivers. Flared sides give it good final stability and make it very seaworthy on larger bodies of water with wind and waves. With our light lay-ups, this boat is probably the lightest canoe made and makes it a joy to portage and paddle. If you enjoy exploring places where most canoes cannot go, try the Wee Lassie. Also can be used as a free style canoe.

Length - 11’ 6”
4” Waterline - 24.5”
Max. Width - 27”
Gunwale Width - 27”
Height - 13”/10”/13”

Kevlar  $2175 17 lb.


Fiberglass skin backed up with 5 oz. Kevlar and foam core. Good for lakes and milder rivers. For rocky rivers and whitewater, add an extra layer of Kevlar in the bottom.

Kevlar Layup

Carbon/Kevlar  $2350 13 lb.


5.7 oz. Carbon skin backed up with 5 oz. Kevlar and foam core then another layer of 5 oz. Kevlar over the core. Light weight, stiff and good for lakes and milder rivers. For rocky rivers and whitewater, add an extra layer of Kevlar in bottom.

Carbon/Kevlar Layup

TexTreme Carbon Layups  (Price Varies)


A new, flat-weave Carbon fabric that produces a checkerboard look. TexTreme stiffer than regular Carbon and can be used in its place on the outer skin ($250).

TexTreme Carbon Layup

Custom layups and options available upon Request.

Weights are approximate

Standard Package
Carbon Gunwales
Carbon Gunwales
Web Seat
Web Seat
Aluminum Thwarts
Aluminum Thwarts
Adjustable Footbrace
Adjustable Footbrace
Personalize your canoe with our large selection of options.

Want something that isn't on the list? Please call us and we will be happy to add it to your canoe!

Seat Options
Bucket Seat
Sliding Bucket Seat   $100
Large Seat
Sliding Large Seat    $100
Other Options
Wood Gunwales
Wood Gunwales  $100

Adds 2 lb.

Extra Layer of Kevlar on Bottom
Extra Layer of Kevlar Under the Core  $100

Adds 2 lb.

Carbon Thwarts
Carbon Thwarts  $150
Small Carbon Deck
Small Carbon Deck  $30
Large Carbon Deck
Large Carbon Deck  $60
Canoe Storage Cover
Canoe Storage Cover  $140

"I just got home from the Freestyle symposium in the ADKs. My kneeling Wee Lassie was a big hit and the most tried boat there. Several instructors tried it and there were comments on the quality of workmanship from several including Charlie Wilson. At least one person will be contacting you about purchasing one."

- Rich Lockwood, NY

"We've been out twice in pretty windy conditions in our Wee Lassie’s and I LOVE IT!  Can't wait for a nice calm day.....  Also, everyone that has seen the boats are just BLOWN AWAY by them... HYPERLIGHT!!!" 

- Sandi L Desimone, FL

"John,  Wee Lassie was delivered on Sunday. Good delivery man -- perfect condition  -- nice guy.  At first look, I thought the seat would be too low making it hard to get in and out.  Maybe, I should have ordered the higher standard seat. Wrong, I put it in the water today and the seat is perfect! There is enough final stability that there is no problem getting in and out. Plus, the thwart behind the seat is a great back rest. I weighed the boat today -- 13.1 pounds. Hull is perfect-- not a scratch or mark. Boat is great fun to paddle. I am a very happy customer!"

- Tomas Sadosky, GA

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