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The Edge is our 14' SUP that will give you the added edge you are looking for in competition and touring. It incorporates the same entry line as the Rocket but with a flatter bottom and a square tail for more stability in rougher water condition, while continuing its good glide and hull speed. With widths avavlible at 24", 26", and 28" wide, keeping up an efficient paddle stroke is easy with this board, while still maintaining stability. These features make the Edge a great competitive board for all around use in most conditions.

Our 24" wide is great for paddlers with good stability who want the greatest speed avilable for racing.
Our 28" wide board is super stable and works great in rougher water as well as a good efficient touring board.
Our 26" wide Board is a great compromise of stability and speed. 

With a hollow construction using the same foam core composite construction as our racing canoes, it is not only extremely light but also very stiff.

Designed by John Diller

Length - 14'
3 Widths Avalible - 24" , 26" , & 28"
Rocker - 1" - 2"
Center bottom curve 1" at 26"
        Can be ordered 0" at 26" for more stability

Carbon/Kevlar  $3250  24 lb.


 Standard layup using Carbon as the outer skin, backed with a foamcore and a layer of Kevlar.

Carbon/Kevlar Layup

Glass  $2800  29 lb.


  A Cheaper heaver layup. Made with fiberglass instead of Carbon and Kevlar.

Glass/Carbon Layup

TeXtreme  Upgrades


A new, flat-weave Carbon fabric that produces a checkerboard look. TexTreme is stiffer than Carbon of similar weight as well as adding duraility to the board. We can use 2 differnet weights of TexTreme, Regular (4.7oz.) and Light (2.7oz.).
Hull - $150
Deck - $100

Ultralight Carbon Layup

Custom layups and options available upon Request.

Weights are approximate

Options will be add soon

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