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The Needle is the SUP of the future. At 18’- 6” it is the fastest unlimited stand up paddle board you’ll find anywhere. This board has a different feel than other SUPs that may take a little getting used to, but with a little practice, you will soon be gliding across the water faster than you ever have before.

The Needle’s innovative design comes from John Diller’s vast knowledge and experience designing marathon racing canoes. Its lines are similar to his flat-water racing canoe designs that have been winning races for many years. This board has a hollow construction using the same foam core composite construction as our racing canoes making it not only extremely light, but also very stiff. 

Designed by John Diller

Length - 18’ 6”
3” Waterline - 27”
Max. Width – 30” 

Carbon/Kevlar  $3500  28 lb.


  Standard layup using Carbon as the outer skin, backed with a foamcore and a layer of Kevlar.

Carbon/Kevlar Layup

Glass  $2900  32 lb.


A Cheaper heaver layup. Made with fiberglass instead of Carbon and Kevlar.

Glass/Carbon Layup

TeXtreme  Update


 A new, flat-weave Carbon fabric that produces a checkerboard look. TexTreme is stiffer than Carbon of similar weight as well as adding duraility to the board. We can use 2 differnet weights of TexTreme, Regular (4.7oz.) and Light (2.7oz.).
Hull - $150
Deck - $100

Ultralight Carbon Layup

Custom layups and options available upon Request.

Weights are approximate

Other Options will be avalible soon

"Thank you again for the use of your board at the Cold Stroke! I got a lot of compliments from the other locals who always kick my butt in the local races; I hope it generates much interest in your product.

I have always been the unknown and/or disregarded "also ran", but at the Carolina Cup coming up, that won't be the case.

One drawback however, was brought to my attention afterwards, while speaking with another unlimited racer that I had tried to trade drafts with is that there was no stern wake to draft in. There are worse drawbacks to any given design! HAHA.

Thanks again!!!"

-Gordon Rock

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